Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi to offer Professorial Support to International Clinicians

Speaking at the admission of the the first online intake of the Socially Disadvantaged Medical Graduate (SDMG) Programme of RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) , it’s Distinguished Chief Fellow and Provost, Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi, sympathetically advised Socially Disadvantaged Medical Graduates never ever to give up - nomatter what trials and tribulations may consistently come their way.

About the Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) Socially Disadvantaged Medical Graduate (SDMG) Programme


All Medical Graduates who have previously had their Conventional Medicine Practising Licenses either Inactivated , Suspended , Surrendered or Revoked (by any Medical Council or Medical Board in the world ) can now also lawfully (and cost-effectively) retrain as Qualified Wellness Consultants through the RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) Socially Disadvantaged Medical Graduate (SDMG) Programme.

Interested candidates are strongly advised to urgently visit the official RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) website without any further delay ,( at ), for more information - as RCAM firmly believes that no Qualified Medical Graduate should be deemed to be totally useless whenever it comes to ethically helping others.

RCAM will also soon be ethically partnering with a very wide selection of International Medical Schools to deliver first class educational courses in Advanced Wellness Interventions and Holistic Clinical Empowerment to Senior Medical Students.

Unlucky Medical School ‘Dropouts’ are also exceedingly welcome to expediently enrol in the SDMG Training Programme too.

Royal College of Alternative Medicine Woos Embattled Medical Doctors

All interested Medical Graduates who have previously had their Conventional Medicine Practising Licenses either Inactivated ,Suspended , Surrendered or Revoked can now lawfully (and cost-effectively) retrain as Qualified Wellness Consultants through the Socially Disadvantaged Medical Graduate (SDMG) Programme of RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) ; thanks to the expediently swift intercession of the Eminent RCAM Provost , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi.

Victimized Physicians who have recently been disciplined by the General Medical Council (GMC) of the United Kingdom, the Medical Council of Ireland and many other North American and Canadian Medical Regulatory Bodies (for extremely trivial offenses such as ‘stubbornly practising Alternative Medicine’) are also publicly encouraged to apply … as well as those working in impoverished Countries.

Interested candidates are strongly advised to urgently visit the official RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) website without any further delay ,( at ), for more details - as RCAM firmly believes that no Qualified Medical Graduate should be perpetually deemed to be totally useless when it comes to helping others - nomatter what a few utterly misguided and woefully opinionated Conventional Medical Regulatory Bodies might ‘self-indulgently’ desire to think.

FRCAM (DUBLIN) Can Now Lead To A Online Doctorate Degree

The Distinguished RCAM Provost , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM(Dublin) FRIPH(UK) FACAM(USA) MICR(UK) has formally accepted appointment as Chief Professorial Examiner for the Doctor of Science (DSc) Programme in Evidence Based , Alternative Medicine (EBAM) of a highly respected International University in one of the British Commonwealth Protectorates.

This new qualification is primarily aimed at Medical Graduates , Physicians , Surgeons, Pharmacists , Dentists , Osteopaths , Chiropractors , Opticians , Wellness Consultants , Herbalists , Acupuncturists , Naturopaths , Healers , Podiatrists , Chiropodists , Scientists , Healers ,Therapists, Homeopaths , Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Nurses wishing to ethically upgrade their current Qualifications in Alternative Medicine over an exceedingly intensive 12 - 36 month period of study.

Please note that this particular Programme is the very first DSc of it’s kind which is essentially run as an Online Taught Course (together with a few Residential Study Weekends at selected UK locations) ; however , all candidates will still be expected to make an appropriate Doctoral Presentation – solidly backed up with all the necessary supporting Case Reports.

Fellowship of RCAM is a compulsory additional requirement for entry into the 12 month DSc (EBAM) Programme , even though the actual degree itself will be awarded by a Statutorily Licensed University in one of the UK Overseas Dependent Territories.

Those without RCAM Fellowship will have to do the DSc (EBAM) Course over a 36 month period ; which will appropriately include admission to RCAM Fellowship via the Accelerated Route.

*NB : With effect from the 31st of March 2007 , all RCAM Fellowship Candidates (including those applying via the ad eundem Route) will be additionally required to sit an exceedingly comprehensive Online Test ; and consistently achieve an overall score of at least 85%.

This particular Test is non-negotiable.

All Interested applicants should please kindly send their Full CV’s (Resumes) to RCAM via the Official Online Contact Form at for further details , as current DSc vacancies are extremely limited indeed.

FRCAM (Dublin) Certificates Re-Issued

Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) recently re-issued all of it's Fellowship Certificates.

Anyone claiming to be a Fellow of RCAM should by now be in full possession of his or her new FRCAM(Dublin) Certificate.

Please note that each FRCAM(Dublin) Certificate also now comes with an Officially Revalidated Certificate of Good Standing in 'RCAM Targeted Aspects' of Alternative Medicine.

Holders of BOTH of these Professional Certificates can thus lawfully take Legal Action against any person or media group which dares imply them to be a 'Quack' in any shape or form.

Please kindly contact RCAM at for further details.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) to use CyberStaff !

It has been confirmed that Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) will soon be using CyberStaff (Online Robots) to carry out a wide range of simple regulatory tasks directly over the Internet.

The distinguished RCAM Provost , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM (Dublin), will be humbly making a global announcement concerning this landmark development sometime within the next 12 Months or so.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

RCAM Testified Affiliate Programme

Apply for your RCAM Testified Website Certificate from just 99.99 Euros !


Please kindly Affirm the following statement before applying to join the RCAM Testified Programme and making your (non-refundable) recurrent annual subscription of 99.99 Euros :

" I hereby voluntarily and publicly testify , before the Most Distinguished Fellows of RCAM ( Royal College of Alternative Medicine) and any other powers that be ; that all of my 'health-related' websites will consistently uphold the highest ethical standards which are lawfully necessary for the appropriate protection ansd optimization of the Holistic Health and Wellbeing of the General Public.

So help me God "

*Please note that all websites will be carefully inspected by a Very Senior Fellow of RCAM on an Annual Basis (commencing right at the initial time of application) ; to ensure the ethical maintenance of appropriate Quality Standards and Due Diligence.

Those who join the RCAM Testified Programme will be entitled to a (one-off) US$25 Bonus for each subscribing member which they ethically refer to the RCAM Testified Programme.

RCAM reserves the right to summarily withdraw membership of the RCAM Testified Programme at any time (without the option of a Refund); should any party be found to have willfully brought the programme into disrepute.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Nightly Wellness Clinic Launched

Official Clinic Hours:

2200hrs - 0200 hrs GMT Daily ( 1400 - 1800 hrs GMT)

Click here to visit for more details

All you need is Simple Internet Access ,a Valid Credit Card and a Functioning Phone Line

Please kindly book early to avoid long waiting times

All calls are made at your own personal liability and discretion - as this service does not replace Expert Medical Advice from your Licensed Local Physician.

Thank You.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Alternative Medicine Hotline : Royal College of Alternative Medicine (RCAM) Relaunches Premium Showcase For Entrepreneurs

Royal College of Aternative Medicine (RCAM) has today relaunched the Alternative Medicine Showcase on it's front page , within which International Entrepreneurs of good standing can ethically display their Evidence-Based Products to the whole wide world via Large Premium Text Links.

RCAM sincerely aspires to bring an International Trade Fair in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to Europe sometime in 2010 ; and hopefully make it a tri-annual (3 yearly) event thereafter.

Please kindly Contact Us for further information about how to showcase your products on the RCAM website.

To prevent "Commercial Flooding", only 7 of such Large Premium Text Links will be allowed on the RCAM Front Page , at any given point in time.

Faithfully Yours,


Friday, January 13, 2006

Alternative Medicine Hotline : Join RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) Freebie Club !!!

Welcome to the RCAM Freebie Zone where :

*All Members are entitled to obtain 1 Free Minute of Professional Health Advice for every 4 Paid Minutes spent via

*Members also get a 5% reduction off all Training Fees relating to RCAM ; should they wish to Certify as Qualified Wellness Consultants.

*Those Qualified Wellness Consultants who are members of this group will also be able to benefit from a fair amount of Networking Opportunities and Referred Business ; through both RCAM and Wellness FM

E N J O Y ! ! !

Faithfully Yours,


NB ::: Freebies ( and Non-Freebies ) do not replace Statutory Medical Advice from a Licensed Physician or Lawful Healthcare Provider.

Alternative Medicine Hotline : Professor Obi , Eminent RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) Provost, Spits Fire !!!

Distinguished RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) Provost , Prof Joseph Chikelue Obi, has publicly advised all Media Organizations to ethically check all of their facts relating to RCAM before publishing.

The 2006 New Year Message from the Distinguished RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) Provost , Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi FRCAM (Dublin) FRIPH (UK) FACAM (USA) MICR (UK) formally read as follows :

"Over the past few years , RCAM (Royal College of Alternative Medicine) has quietly had to ethically tolerate more than it's own fair share of wantonly unsubstantiated highly defamatory material liberally disseminated about it .

It is also very important to note that (despite RCAM's consistent vindication in every single area of such frivolous reports), absolutely none of these Media Outlets has morally found it appropriate to issue either public retractions or private apologies as soon as it miraculously dawned upon them that they had made the biggest goofs (not scoops) of the respective years in question.

RCAM would therefore like to publicly appeal to all Media Organizations to ethically realize that Royal College of Alternative Medicine is both a Statutorily Registered Trademark and a Legally Registered Entity. The FRCAM (Dublin) designation is also fully protected by Statute.

Should any Media Organization have any queries whatsoever about RCAM, then the best way to send them to us before publication is via our online Contact Form (available 24 hours a day via, which also enables us to keep a permanent lawful record of such noble enquiries.

The Media is also hereby alerted of a certain class of Clientelle who seem to be exceedingly eager to sell utterly grandiose stories to the Global Press , rather than settle their outstanding debts and invoices. The Media must diligently ask for such RCAM e-mails directly from their Reliable Sources, and also be 100% sure of what they intend to publish , before they go ahead and publish it . The same goes for Search Engines too.

Although RCAM has temporarily overlooked such a serious avalanche of defamatory offences against us up till now , we still strongly reserve the right to fiscally hold all of the various Media Organizations themselves fully liable for their actions ; as we have now come to the extremely wise conclusion that these Media Outlets are in a far better position to promptly pay us appropriate compensation for any untoward besmirchment thereof ".

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alternative Medicine Hotline : Why some mean folk are really bitter about RCAM ( Royal College of Alternative Medicine )

The 6 core reasons why some EXCEPTIONALLY mean folk are really very bitter about RCAM ( Royal College of Alternative Medicine ) are as follows :

1*Two or 3 of them are just woefully ignorant of the very simple fact that some poor people (like us in RCAM) still have outrageously useful brains . . . nomatter the colour of our outer skin.

(Instead of such 'Wise Ones' meekly coming to us and calmly asking us how the hell we managed to succeed in life , these critically overwhelmed persecutors gleefully keep on psychotically inciting others into asking the 'Powers-that-be' exactly why they gracefully allowed us to succeed) . . . Get the drift ???.

2* A few of them may strongly believe in a totally dictatorial system where Royalty is deemed far more superior than every other one of us on the planet.

(Apparently , "Real Royal Folk" are not supposed to Fart, Belch , Poo or Wee . . . )

3*A handful of them might still perpetually remain aghast at the obtusely horrific knowledge that some common (and mere mortal) folk (like us) can actually lawfully use the word 'Royal' anywhere within in their operations without first gracefully licking the weeping bunions off the respectfully regal feet of a nice little Old Lady from Windsor.

(Forget about all those tacky little 'Gluteus-Maiming Toilet Rolls' and 'Prepuce-Bruising Condoms' which all defiantly bear the extremely forboding 'R-Word' as part of their very own Marks . . . They don't matter !!! . . .They don't count !!! They have direct approval from Ma'am !!!)

4*A bunch of them sadly may have bitterly found themselves in an utterly irredeemable state of Intellectual Shock . . . after we successfully managed to Legally Trademark the name "Royal College of Alternative Medicine".

Admittedly we still have no regrets at all ; even though their monstrously indelible grief does still somehow seem to have exponentially multiplied 'five zillionfold' when they finally discovered that we had also legally incorporated ourselves as a seperate Corporate Entity under the very same 'R-Word' , and suavely Trademarked the FRCAM (Dublin) designation for good ethical measure.

( Funnily enough, we were not the very first ones to LawfullyTrademark our very own 'Royal' name and designation . . . it's just that we were the only ones with slightly darker coloured skins than all of the others : But of course Typical Tabloid Journalists don't want you to actually hear about such wantonly indiscriminate prejudice now, do they ? ).

5*Most of them have ruthlessly tried (most sorrowfully and unsuccessfully , I must politely add) to permanently discredit our humble organization ; and banish it's memory to the comfort zone of their very own monumental failures.

( Tough Luck, Buster. Get over it : RCAM is certainly here to stay . . . Nomatter What !!! Period).

6*Almost every single one of our 'Self-Appointed Enemies' hallucinogenically deems RCAM to be painfully (and permanently) representative of everything which they themselves could never ever be : Warm , Eminent , Ethical , Eclectic , Intelligent , Charming , Controversial , Unforgettable and Charismatic.

( Says Who ??? . . . Says RCAM !!!)

. . . So now you know.

Alternative Medicine Hotline : Speak directly to a Qualified Wellness Consultant with the FRCAM (Dublin) designation.

Those who wish to talk directly to a Qualified Wellness Consultant over the phone can now do so by simply clicking on the following link via

You can also visit the Official RCAM Website at and click on any of the Call Now buttons.

Thank You.


Who exactly is behind the Alternative Medicine Hotline ?

The Alternative Medicine Hotline is a simple weblog which is ethically run by Fellows of RCAM ( Royal College of Alternative Medicine) .

RCAM is an Officially Registered , Dublin-Based , Independent , Regulatory , Training and Empowerment Body for Qualified Wellness Consultants and their Associates from all over the world ; which solely aims to Protect the Public ; by raising Ethical Awareness (and optimizing Best Professional Standards) in Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM).

RCAM promotes 'Wellness' , which in no way replaces conventionally appropriate Medical Advice from your Local Physician or Surgeon.

Always advise your Local Medical Doctor of any Self-Help Initiatives in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) which you may possibly wish to ethically subscribe to.

RCAM has absolutely no links whatsoever with any 'Royal Entity' of 'Similar' (or 'Presumed Similar') Nomenclature , Title , Calling , Being or Eminence.

The official RCAM website is located at

RCAM Fellows are distinguished by the FRCAM (Dublin) designation.

Thank You.